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June 2017

[R/C Models]
 58647  1/10 R/C M-07 Concept Chassis Kit
 56352  1/14 R/C Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 6x4 ClassicSpace
 58648  1/10 R/C Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) (TT-02D) Drift Spec
 47347  1/10 R/C Racing Fighter Chrome Metallic (DT-03)
 47348  1/10 R/C The Grasshopper Candy Green Edition
 47349  1/10 R/C XV-01 Chassis Kit Long Damper Spec
 42312  33mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)
 54750  Matte Plated Gearbox (A Parts) for 4x4 Pick-Up Truck
 54756  3x106mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
 54757  M-07 Concept Stabilizer Set (Front & Rear)
 54758  M-07 Concept Titanium Screw Set
 54759  M-07 Concept Aluminum Motor Heat Sink
 54760  M-07 Concept Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount
 54768  06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (17T)
 54769  06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (18T)
 54770  06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (22T)
 54771  06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (24T)
 56541  Front Wheels (22mm Width) White
 56542  Rear Wheels (22mm Width) White
 56543  Semi Wide Wheels (30mm Width / Hex Hub) White
 56544  Semi Wide Wheels (30mm Width) Whit
 51592  1/10 Scale R/C F12tdf Body Parts Set
 51595  M-07 Concept A Parts (Body Mounts)
 51596  M-07 Concept B Parts (Bumpers)
 51597  M-07 Concept C Parts (Uprights)
 51598  M-07 Concept D Parts (Suspension Arms)
 51599  M-07 Concept K Parts (Stiffeners)
 51600  M-07 Concept Lower Deck
 51601  M-07 Concept Spur Gear & Counter Gear
 47351  White 10-Spoke Wheels w/Reinforced Tires Type C (24mm, 2pcs.)

[Scale Models]
 16042  1/6 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin
 12674  Assembly Chain Set for 1/6 Scale Motorcycle
 32591  1/48 German 38cm Assault Mortar Sturmtiger
 12672  Zimmerit Coating Sheet for 1/48 Scale Sturmtiger
 21159  1/24 NSX (Blue) (Finished Model)

 95100  Tri Gale (MA Chassis) Japan Cup 2017
 15511  Large-Diameter Low-Profile Tires & 6-Spoke Wheels
 95096  Hyper-Dash 3 Motor J-Cup 2017
 95097  Hyper-Dash Motor PRO J-Cup 2017
 95098  Mini 4WD 35th Anniversary Blue Tires & Gold Plated A-Spoke Wheels
 95099  Mini 4WD 35th Anniversary White Tires & Blue Plated A-Spoke Wheels

[Tools & Paints]
 74132  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 0.8mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74133  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 0.9mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74134  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.0mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 69913  Spray-Work Compact Air Compressor (White)
 69914  Spray-Work Basic Airbrush (White)

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