1/10 R/C Car Series No.309 (ITEM 58309)

Thundering around off-road stadiums with immense tires, Monster Trucks have fascinated the world for years. Tamiya is proud to present its latest radio-controlled monster truck: the Twin Detonator. In order to generate power worthy of its dynamic image, the chassis has been equipped with a motor in both the front and the rear. With the battery located in the middle of the chassis, the Twin Detonator is perfectly balanced for rough riding. The centrally positioned servo ensures the equal alignment of the steering tie rods, improving control. The four-wheel double wishbone suspension offers flexible handling over all road conditions.

Two motors for a powerful monster truck

The chassis adopts a sturdy gear-train, firmly holding the gearboxes on both sides with a semi-monocoque frame. This arrangement guarantees stability on even the toughest of terrain, and allows easy access and maintenance of gearbox without disassembly.

See the Twin Detonator in Action

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Basic Specifications
Total length: 431mm, Total width: 310mm, Total height: 243mm. Clearance: 47mm Weight Fully-Equipped: 2,360g Wheelbase: 281mm Tread F/R: Both 250mm Chassis Material: Polycarbonate Chassis Shape: Monocoque Frame Steering Tie Rod: 2 part Suspension Front and Rear: Double Wishbone Caster Angle-F/R: Both 0deg Camber Angle-F/R: Both 0deg Toe Angle-F/R: 0(variable)/0deg Damper: F/R Friction Damper Transmission Type: Shaft Twin-motor Full-time 4WD Gear Ratio: 18.3:1 (16.5:1) Includes two Type 540 motors. Diff. gear system: F/R 3 Bevel Gear Diff 3-step speed controller included. Tire Width F/R: Both 60mm Tire Diameter F/R: Both 130mm

Required Items (Sold Separately)
R/C Unit: Adspec GT-II or 2-channel R/C system with 2 servos Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent

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