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Ships from Foreign Navies
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British Battleship Rodney
Item No: 77502
œShe upheld the honor of the Royal Navy with distinguished service.

British Battleship Nelson
Item No: 77504
œA mighty battleship representative of the WWII British Navy.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Hornet
Item No: 77510
œThe first aircraft carrier to strike Japanese soil.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise
Item No: 77514
œThe "Big E" was the symbol of the victorious U.S. Navy.

German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst
Item No: 77518
œA high-speed battlecruiser with beautiful lines.

German Battlecruiser Gneisenau
Item No: 77520
œShe took part in several commerce raiding operations together with her sister ship.

British Battleship King George V
Item No: 77525
œA major participant in the hunt for the Bismarck.

U.S. Battleship Missouri
Item No: 31613
œA ship whose name is carved into history.

U.S. Battleship New Jersey
Item No: 31614
œA battleship which served for nearly of half a century.

British Battleship Prince of Wales - Battle of Malaya
Item No: 31615
œAn unlucky victim of the new era of naval warfare.

U.S. Battleship Iowa
Item No: 31616
œThe U.S. rival to the giant Japanese Yamato.

British Battlecruiser Repulse
Item No: 31617
œAn elegant silhouette which graced the Royal Navy's ranks.

U.S. Escort Carrier CVE-9 Bogue
Item No: 31711
œProtector of the Atlantic convoys.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier CV-3 Saratoga
Item No: 31713
œA durable battlecruiser-turned-carrier which was deployed in the Battle of Iwo Jima and survived WWII.

U.S. Heavy Cruiser Indianapolis
Item No: 31804
œThe infamous ship known for her sad fate near the end of WWII.

German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen
Item No: 31805
œThe heavy cruiser with Lady Luck on her side.

British Battlecruiser Hood & E Class Destroyer
- Battle of Denmark Strait

Item No: 31806
œThe veteran ship which succumbed to the Bismarck.

U.S. Destroyer DD-445 Fletcher
Item No: 31902
œAn excellent mass-produced destroyer design.

U.S. Submarine Gato Class & Japanese Submarine Chaser No.13
Item No: 31903
œPlaying a dangerous game of cat and mouse in the Pacific.

British Destroyer O Class
Item No: 31904
œA small reliable destroyer which escorted the convoys.

Russian SSGN Kursk (Oscar II Class)
Item No: 31906
œA new Russian submarine which met a sad fate.

U.S. Fletcher-Class Destroyer DD-797 Cushing
Item No: 31907
œThe late-production type of this famous class of destroyers.

German Destroyer Z Class (Z37-39) "Project Barbara"
Item No: 31908
œDepicts the ships after their refitting with additional AA armament.

British Destroyer E Class
Item No: 31909
œA witness to many tragic naval battles.

Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire
Item No: 31910
œOne of the ships present during the Battle of Malaya.

U.S. Destroyer DD412 Hammann
Item No: 31911
œA ship that was lost during the Battle of Midway whilst trying to salvage the USS Yorktown.

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