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Tamiya Archive Room


Let Tamiya models tell the story!

Come to the Archive Room and take a trip through our history, starting in the 1950s, not long after Tamiya was founded! This fascinating room features models from the various stages of Tamiya’s growth as a company, starting with some venerable wooden models, then taking in our first motorized plastic model of the 1/35 Panther tank from 1962, and then moving on to extensive displays of car and motorbike static models, not to mention our radio-controlled models, which have enjoyed great popularity since we first started selling them in 1976. You will also be able to enjoy countless examples of our famed “box art” on our packages, the DNA of which goes right back to the 1960s. With exhibits donated by modelers from around the world, including some awe-inspiring dioramas, there will be plenty to grab your attention in the Tamiya Archive Room.

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Early Tamiya milestones

May 1946 A sawmill/lumber company is founded in Oshika, Shizuoka City, Japan and named Tamiya Shoji & Co.
April 1948 A wooden model section is founded within the lumber company.
June 1953 The sawmill is closed, and Tamiya becomes a specialized wooden model kit maker.
May 1960 Tamiya releases its first all-plastic kit, a 1/800 scale Yamato battleship model.
January 1962 Tamiya releases the first 1/35 scale motorized tank, the Panther.
December 1962 Tamiya Plastic Kogyo Co. is founded as a plastic molding company.
January 1967 The first issue of Tamiya News is published.
January 1968 Tamiya participates in the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany for the first time, drawing attention for its detailed 1/12 scale racing car models.
August 1969 Tamiya Plastic Kogyo Co. is renamed the Tamiya Plastic Model Co.
August 1973 Construction of a headquarters with manufacturing facility in Oshika, Shizuoka City, is completed.
November 1976 Yoshio Tamiya is awarded The Fifth Order Of The Sacred Treasure by the Japanese government, for his commitment to the industry.
November 1976 Tamiya releases the 1/12 scale R/C Porsche 934 Turbo that triggers the R/C car boom.