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Tamiya Headquarters Lobby (Car Exhibit)


Classic vehicles of all ages and types

Come and marvel at this extensive collection, many of which have been turned into static and R/C models by Tamiya! From sports and racing cars to motorbikes, there is something for everyone: perhaps the inimitable Tyrrell P34, the first ever six-wheeler in Formula 1, will catch your eye first. Or it could be that you want to take a closer look at the 1991 vintage Lotus 102B, which features the Tamiya twin star logo on its front wing, or even the Tamiya-sponsored Toyota Land Cruiser which completed the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1989. The Porsche 911 has been with us since it was purchased (and taken apart) to help us make a detailed kit, and is now back in its original condition, while fans of military subjects will want to get up close to the M151A1. If bikes are your passion, you’ll want to make sure that you check out the Honda CX500, which was the world’s first production turbo bike, or the outstanding Honda VFR750R, and if you are a Mini 4WD fan you’ll doubtless be delighted by the 1/1 scale Aero Avante. R/C afficionados will surely recognize the full-size version of our classic Sand Scorcher model, too.

  • 画像

    Our collection includes classic Formula cars such as the Tyrrell P34.

  • 画像

    These two vehicles were inspired by our R/C Sand Scorcher model.

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    The showroom is another treasure trove of modeling history.

Vehicles on display in the Tamiya lobby

Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler
Lotus 91 Ford
Lotus 102B
Porsche 911 Limited (1974)
Toyota Land Cruiser (1989 Paris-Dakar Rally)
Honda CX500 Turbo
Honda VFR750R
Full-size Aero Avante
Full-size Sand Scorcher and Giro-Baha
…and much more!