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Items on Display in the Tamiya Booth at the 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show


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R/C Models

58738 1/10 R/C XM-01 PRO Chassis Kit
42384 1/10 R/C TRF421 Chassis Kit
58734 1/10 R/C Citroën DS (MB-01)
58739 1/10 R/C 1998 Honda NSX Racing (TT-02)
58736 1/10 R/C Ford Baja Bronco (CC-02)
56375 1/14 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter XL 750 4x2 Tractor
58489 1/10 R/C Avante (2011)
58496 1/10 R/C Fast Attack Vehicle (2011)

42385 45mm Swing Shafts (Hard) 2pcs.
42386 TRF421 Wheel Axles (2pcs.)
42387 45mm Drive Shafts for Low Friction Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
42388 Axle Shafts for TRF421 Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)