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Item No:15354

Mini 4WD Grade-Up Parts No.354


★This box was designed especially for the Mini 4WD racer! ★The various internal sections expand once the box is opened, allowing quick access to your parts. ★Dividers can be moved depending upon the size of the parts you carry. ★The bottom section can hold up to three fully hopped-up Mini 4WD cars. ★Dimensions: 355mm x 205mm x 145mm
  • ★Open the lid, and out fold two trays which you can fill with your tools and parts.
  • ★Great visibility means you won't be overlooking any parts stored at the back of each section.
  • ★Item 15163 Mini 4WD Parts Case and 15505 Mini 4WD Motor Case 2 fit neatly inside!
  • ★A sponge sheet on the bottom section of the box helps keep your cars safe and sound.
  • ★The case can of course be repurposed for storing other things such as construction project materials.
  • ★This example shows the Racer's Box with paints and other finishing materials stored inside.