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Item No:16030

1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle Series No.30


Length: 224 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Compact, unique, adorable... Many words can be used to describe the Honda Monkey, a motorcycle which has helped to define the leisure bike genre. a 50cc 4-stroke engine is nestled in its striking red frame, which has a folding seat and handlebars so it will fit in a typical car trunk. The Monkey debuted in 1967, and in 2000 this commemorative model with larger 8-inch wheels and improved suspension.

About the Model
This is a 1/6 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 224mm, width: 100mm, height: 175mm. ★2000 model features such as the side mirrors and updated carburetor are captured in style. ★Moving front and rear suspension employ coil springs. ★Just as on the full size bike, the handlebar folds away. ★Features a realistic depiction of the 49cc SOHC engine, with various lines and pipes also recreated. ★A choice of two customized muffler parts is included. ★The kit includes decals to finish the model as a 2000 or a standard edition.
  • The Monkey remains an iconic design, and makes for a superb 1/6 scale kit!

  • Handlebars can be folded away after completion of the model.

  • Take a look at the excellent detail on the 49cc SOHC engine.

  • Plentiful option parts in the kit let you make a customized Monkey.

  • This image shows the various option parts in the kit, including 2 types of muffler.

  • Tamiya plastic models can be a hobby for a lifetime, and you can get so much more out of the hobby with the tools, paints and finishing materials introduced in this guide.

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