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Item No:18704

Mini 4WD REV Series No.4


Length: 155 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Ride the Shark!
This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance mini 4WD racer. The Mini 4WD REV Series showcases models that feature an aerodynamically efficient combination of body and chassis. The body of the Shadow Shark, the fourth model in the Series, draws inspiration from both the shark of the seas and the "shark fin" of the racing track. It features a high nose, and "shark fin" which extends backwards from the rear of the cockpit and allows the machine to slice through the air. The aerodynamic package also includes front and rear wings, side pontoons, an under-nose air intake and more. A classy touch is added by matte blue metal-plated 5-spoke wheels mounted with low-profile tires.

AR ChassisThe AR chassis is designed to offer its driver durability, customizability and ease of maintenance, all of which are vital ingredients for a successful Mini 4WD racer. Its aerodynamic form smoothly allows air to pass through the chassis interior as the machine runs, performing the vital function of cooling the batteries and motor and extending their effectiveness. The air intakes on the chassis and body are integrated for optimal performance. This high-speed racing chassis also features low-friction plastic bearings to ensure that any loss of power from the engine to the wheels is minimal in nature. The underpanel and diffuser can be removed from the model without taking off the body, while a low-friction rear skid bar is fitted to slash time loss experienced on tricky slope sections, and keep the racer on the track where it belongs. Features a 4.2:1 gear ratio.

★Length: 155mm ★Width: 97mm ★Includes motor ★Snap-together easy assembly

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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Information is current as of October 16, 2013. Specifications are subject to change without notice.