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Item No:22064

Hop-Up Options No.2064


★These durable steel gearbox joints and plastic swing shaft caps can be used as spare parts for the TT-02 Type-SRX chassis, or when fitting separately sold Item 22047 XV-02/TT-02 Front Direct Coupling Set (39T) to the TT-02 chassis. ★Please note that some chassis may require use of other separately sold swing shafts or wheel axles. ★Contains two gearbox joints, four plastic swing shaft caps, two needle pins and two axle rings.
  • Joint cups have different slot sizes - the wider slots are employed forr swing shaft protectors (Y3 parts).
  • This image shows installation without swing shaft protectors: narrower joint cup slots are used.


TT-02 TYPE-SRX Chassis kit: Kit standard
XV-02 Chassis / XV-02RS PRO Chassis / XM-01 Chassis: Use with 22047.
TT-02 Chassis / TT-02D Chassis: Use with 53792, 54969, 22047.
TT-02 TYPE-S Chassis: Use with 53505, 54515, 22047.

Information is current as of June 1, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.