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Item No:22080

Hop-Up Options No.2080


These retainers let you mount the large-diameter springs from Super Short Big Bore Dampers and the like in a lower position, leading to smoother spring motion and letting you get the most out of your dampers' stroke. A more nimble car will show improved footwork through corners. Parts have a stylish blue anodized finish. Includes four retainers and four 5.5x0.5mm aluminum spacers.

Product instruction manual (PDF)


TA08 PRO Chassis / TA07 MSX Chassis / TB Evo.7 Chassis / TB EVO.8 Chassis: Use with 42306.
TA07 MS Chassis / TA06 Chassis / TA06 PRO Chassis / TA06 MS Chassis / FF-04 EVO Chassis / FF-03 Chassis / FF-03 PRO Chassis / TB-04 Chassis / TB-04 PRO Chassis / TB-05 PRO Chassis / TB Evo.6 Chassis / TB Evo.6 MS Chassis / TRF419 Chassis / TRF419X Chassis / TRF419XR Chassis / TRF420 Chassis / TRF420X Chassis / TRF421 Chassis: Use with 42278, 42293, 42306.
TC-01 Chassis / TT-02 Chassis / TT-02D Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-S Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SR Chassis / M-06 PRO Chassis / M-07 CONCEPT Chassis / TRF103 Chassis / TRF102 Chassis / F104Ver.II PRO Chassis / TRF101 Chassis: Use with 42278, 42293.

Information is current as of November 22, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.