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Item No:31806

1/700 Water Line Series


Overall length: Hood 375mm, E Class 143mm. Image shows fully painted and assembled model.

Bravery & Tragedy on the High Seas
The Waterline Series tells tales of bravery and sacrifice as fought on the high seas. A high quality series that replicates changing and competing technology, and heroism and tragedy on an easy to collect 1/700 scale. The hunt for the German battleship Bismarck during WWII is a tale that fully captures the spirit of this fine series. Now you can re-enact the first stages of this classic chase with the British battle cruiser Hood and British E Class Destroyer available together as one fantastic set.

About the Model
★Highly detailed 1/700 scale model of the British battle cruiser Hood and E Class destroyer. ★Overall length: Hood 375mm, E Class 143mm ★E Class model features easy-to-assemble left/right half design. ★Portals, bridge, deck and flared center reproduced in faithful detail. ★Hood's main guns and E Class main guns and torpedo launchers are moveable thanks to use of polycaps. ★Kit includes marking numbers for all 9 E Class destroyers produced.
Standard Displacement: 1,350ton
★Length:100.28m ★Width: 10.13m
★Output: 36,000hp
★Top Speed: 36 knots
★Armament: 12cm/45L Mk.IX main gun, 12.7mm quadruple AA guns, 53.3cm quadruple torpedo launchers

Information is current as of June 1, 2005. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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