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Item No:31908

1/700 Water Line Series

1/700 SCALE GERMAN DESTROYER Z CLASS (Z37-39) "Project Barbara" (2 MODELS)

Left: After modification Right: Early type Length: 182mm. Image shows assembled and painted model kits.

Heading Into Battle With More AA Guns
Germany's Z Class destroyers were built just prior to the start of WWII and saw combat against British destroyers at Narvik in northern Norway and as escorts for the battlecruiser Scharnhorst's last sortie. The Type 1936A ships had their 12.7cm guns replaced with 15cm guns, and the Z37-39 ships in particular were fitted with a twin turret at the bow. In 1944, a plan to increase anti-aircraft armament on the Z Class destroyers, code-named "Barbara," was put into action. These destroyers fought against the mighty Royal Navy until the end of the war.

Z Class Destroyer (Z37-39) Specifications
★Standard Displacement: 2,600 tons ★Length: 127m ★Beam: 12m ★Speed: 37.5 knots ★Propulsion: Wagner Geared Turbines x2, Shafts x2 ★Power: 70,000hp

Armament (after "Barbara" modification)
★Twin 15cm gun turret x1, ★Single 15cm gun turret x2, ★Twin 37mm cannons x6, ★Single 37mm cannons x2, ★Quad 20mm cannons x4, ★Twin 20mm cannons x2
About the Model
★Set of two models enable depiction of the destroyer after "Project Barbara" anti-aircraft armament enhancements. ★Highly detailed radar and both 37mm and 20mm cannons. ★Parts also included to depict ships prior to modification. ★Color painting guide on the back of the package. ★Sheets included to reproduce flags on the stern mast. ★Modellers can create two different looking ships with this set.

【 塗装参考図 】

Information is current as of June 5, 2006. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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