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Item No:35251

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.251


Pictures show painted and assembled model.

Realistic diorama "out of the box"
The assault support M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer enters the Military Miniature Series. This kit includes 3 infantrymen figure in realistic poses, which will allow you to create a realistic diorama. The powerful appearance of the actual 105mm Sherman has been accurately reproduced. Compare the differences of this version with the M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun Late Production, which is also available.

About the M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
Excelling in both reliability and sheer production capability, the M4 Sherman series of tanks became the staple fighting-vehicles of the WWII Allies. The first version to be produced, the cast-hull M4A1, was succeeded by the welded-hull M4, the diesel engine M4A2, and finally the most widely-known tank of the series, the M4A3. Three types of main armament were used on the M4A3: on the initial production types, the 75mm main gun and on the subsequent types, the 76mm main gun for heightened penetration. Finally, to provide heavy fire support for assaults on enemy outposts, the powerful 105mm howitzer was later adopted. The 105mm howitzer was carried in a M52 combination mount and a vision cupola was fitted for the commander with a small hatch for the loader. It could fire M1 shells at angles from -10 to +35 degrees at a maximum range of 11,500m. About 500 of the M4A3 (105mm) were produced at the Chrysler factory in Detroit from May to September 1944. From September 1944 horizontal volute spring suspension was introduced on the M4A3 (105mm) together with the wider center-guide T66 tracks. The M4A3 (105mm) were deployed to European Theatre from July 1944, and played an indispensable role in the destruction of enemy positions by the U.S. infantry fighting on the front lines.

About the Model
★Plastic assembly model kit of U.S. WWII M4A3 Sherman. ★Overall length: 172mm, width: 76mm. ★The smooth form of the cast turret with 105mm howitzer and welded hull of this late production M4A3 tank overflow with realism. ★Commander's cupolas, loader's hatch and other hull and turret hatches can be modeled in the open or closed position. ★Two kinds of road wheels and sprockets can be selected; rubber padded tracks also included. ★Three infantrymen and one tank commander in realistic poses bring an air of excitement to the kit. ★Included equipment includes ammunition boxes, tripod, ration boxes, and much more. ★Three types of decals included.
  • Any number of exciting dioramas is made possible with this M4A3 Sherman tank and 3 infantrymen set.
  • Infantrymen figures included in the kit wear late WWII M1943 winter uniforms overflowing with rich detail. They are also equipped with M1 rifles and BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) machineguns.
  • The smooth form of the cast turret with 105mm howitzer has been accurately reproduced. Commander's cupolas, loader's hatch and other hull and turret hatches can be modeled in the open or closed position.
  • 105mm main gun can be elevated at angles from -10 to +35 degrees like the actual tank.
  • Kit includes various equipment such as ammunition boxes, a tripod, ration boxes, and oil cans in order to accurately reproduce U.S. WWII tank appearance.

Information is current as of February 21, 2007. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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