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Item No:35380

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.380


Length: 219 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Cruising to Victory
While German forces had dangerous Tigers and Panthers prowling the battlefield, by the end of the conflict the British were fielding a capable answer: the Comet. With a hull based upon that of the Cromwell and a new, larger turret accomodating the Q.F. 77mm gun, it was a formidable proposition indeed. Comets took part in the March 1945 Allied crossing of the Rhine, providing vital infantry support fire; crews are said to have been happy with the balance of firepower, survivability and mobility it provided.
About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 219mm, width: 88mm. ★Extensive study of full-size Comets underpins this accurate rendering of the boxy hull with larger turret and 77mm gun. ★Cast metal armor surfaces on the hull and turret front are realistically depicted, as is the shape of the canvas gun shield cover. ★Assembly type tracks employ one piece straight sections. ★Choose between connected and separated "Normandy cowling" designs for the rear. ★A clear part is used to recreate searchlight lens. ★Comes with two crew torso figures in winter gear, with two vehicle marking options also included in the kit.
  • ★Take a look at the powerful Comet from the rear, the 77mm gun oozing menace in detailed 1/35 scale.
  • ★Commander and loader torso figures can be installed to add even more life to your modeling masterpiece!
  • ★A depiction of the canvas gin shield cover masterfully depicts creases and folds in the fabric.
  • ★A busy front section features driver's visor, machine gun, headlight and a complex tow cable layout.
  • ★Assembly type tracks showcase marvellous molding detail, using one piece straight runs for convenience.
  • ★One of the return rollers features a locator pin that ensures your track will be in just the right spot.
  • ★Smoke dischargers and tow hooks accent the rear, as does the duct dubbed a "Normandy cowling."
  • ★The two-part Normandy cowling allowed the gun to be locked at the rear of the Comet.
  • ★Plenty of accessories are included to add an extra accent: shovel, bar, helmets and more.
  • ★The chassis is built up into an accurate box-like structure, with bulkheads boosting durability.

Information is current as of October 4, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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