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Item No:35382

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.382



Late WWII German Uniform & Equipment
In the second half of WWII, German troops' M43 uniforms were rather simplified and in a different material to early war designs (largely as a cost-saving measure), although some soldiers still used their older gear, or even wore their Zeltbahn shelters as a makeshift poncho. Meanwhile weaponry had advanced since the start of the conflict, and German troops often toted the G.43 semi-automatic rifle, the MP44 sub-machine gun, and the Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon.

★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model figure assembly kit set. ★Parts are included to create five figures, wearing uniform typical of the period. ★A wealth of accessories brings the set further to life, including weaponry and other items such as binoculars, map case and more. ★Standard and camouflaged helmet parts are included. ★Decals recreate rank insignia and tank "kill" markings.

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  • ★This figure bears the G.43 semi-automatic rifle in one hand and a type 42 mine in the other. Note also the camouflaged helmet.
  • ★This figure holds an MP44 assault rifle. Take a closer look at the realistic renderings of creases and folds in its clothing.
  • ★Signalling to comrades behind, this figure has an MP40 submachine gun and a map case on its hip.
  • ★This figure wears a poncho, has an MP44 slung over the shoulder and is carrying the Panzerfaust.
  • ★This figure is carrying a G.43. The poncho is depicted in multiple parts, for a realistic 3D finish with a streamlined paint job.
  • ★Choose whether this soldier carries a type 42 mine or a stick grenade.
  • ★The NCO can be given a camouflaged helmet or a flat cap.
  • ★From the G.43 to the MP44, the Panzerfaust and various explosives, there are plenty of accessories in this set.
  • ★The decal sheet has rank insignia, marking for weapons and much more.
  • ★This image of an actual Zeltbahn will be of help recreating them on your figures.
  • ★Take a closer look at the camouflage on an actual Zeltbahn.

Information is current as of May 19, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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