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Item No:47490

Special Edition R/C Models No.190


Length: 390 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Absolute Legend
The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most famous 4WD vehicles in the world. This R/C model assembly kit recreates the long-selling Land Cruiser 40 series, which was sold from 1960 to 1984. The body is lightweight, durable polycarbonate, pre-painted in mustard yellow, white and black, and pre-cut with body mount holes pre-made. It uses separate parts for side mirrors, grille, turn signals, and a roof rack with light pods.

CC-02 Chassis - Off Road, Evolved
Designed for a wide range of off-road scenes including rocky terrain, the CC-02 chassis' ladder frame is inspired by full-size vehicles and is the base for its superior durability. A 4WD setup employs the motor longitudinally behind the front axle with separated gearbox and transfer case, and propeller shafts transmitting power to the differential gears front and rear. Four-link rigid suspension is employed front and rear, with CVA oil dampers for all-encompassing control, even on tricky rock sections. This model comes with silver color twelve-spoke wheels and grippy block pattern tires.

♦Length: 390mm, width: 200mm, height: 240mm Wheelbase: 252mm Tread: 164mm (front), 167mm (rear) Tire width/diameter: 33/90mm (front & rear) Ladder frame Longitudinal motor, shaft-driven 4WD 3-bevel differential gears 4-link rigid suspension (front & rear) Gear ratio = 17.33:1 (using kit-standard 16T pinion) Type 540 motor Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
2-channel R/C system w/ESC R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter Battery pack & charger

  • The classic form of the car is recreated by a polycarbonate body.
  • A separate part depicts the oval grille for a super realistic finish.
  • Unique side mirrors are also separately molded parts.
  • Take a closer look at the roof rack, which is fitted with four light pods.

  • Both front and rear ends of the CC-02 chassis utilize 4-link rigid setups with shock absorption provided by CVA oil dampers.
  • The motor is mounted in the chassis front-middle; power goes via gearbox and propeller shafts to front and rear axles.
  • Axle housings are molded in reinforced plastic, and house 3-bevel differentials. They can be locked when running on lower-grip surfaces.
  • The rear end of the model. Note the ample ground clearance.

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