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Item No:47498

Special Edition R/C Models No.198


Length: 373mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, motor, tires, R/C equipment, battery pack, and charger are sold separately.

This assembly kit takes the 2-belt driven TA08 chassis and makes it into a race-focussed unit with plenty of Hop-Up Options. It is equipped with a 2mm carbon fiber upper deck, plus a plastic lower deck with reinforcements for exemplary rigidity and superior steering that can be adjusted to your heart's content. A-shaped upper arms and a four-wheel double wishbone suspension setup are employed, while aluminum upper arm mounts ensure great rigidity. The rear body mount section has been stiffened for great traction.

Featured Components
Drivetrain: ♦Full ball bearings Front double cardan drive shafts Rear universal shafts Front direct pulley (aluminum direct cups) 71T spur gear (TRF420 center pulley) Rear gear differential (aluminum diff joints, VG O-ring) Aluminum motor mount
Suspension: Front & rear aluminum upper arm mounts Aluminum adjustable suspension mount Separate suspension mounts (XB/A) Low-friction king pin balls Super short big bore dampers (VG O-rings)
Chassis: Carbon fiber upper deck (2.0mm) Carbon fiber rear body mount plate (2.5mm) Aluminum rear body mount posts Aluminum servo mount Aluminum steering linkage Clamp-type wheel hubs (4mm)

Length: 373mm (chassis only), width: 182mm Wheelbase: 257mm Stepped V design carbon fiber reinforced plastic lower deck Transverse motor, 2-belt driven 4WD Front direct coupling, rear oil-filled gear differential 3-piece steering tie-rod 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers

Separately Required Items
Body Tires Type 540 motor 2-channel R/C system w/ESC R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter Battery pack & charger

  • The rigid aluminum servo mount minimizes inefficiency.
  • Steering tie-rods are in a linear arrangement to lessen the effect of suspension motion on toe angle. Brigde and arms are aluminum.
  • Aluminum mounts make for great upper A-arm rigidity. Low friction king pin balls are used atop and below the uprights.
  • A close up on the super short big bore dampers. 43mm drive shafts and 4mm clamp-type hex hubs are employed.
  • The 2mm carbon fiber upper deck boosts pitching rigidity. A rear ball bearing lends smoothness to the chassis flex.
  • The aluminum motor mount has upper deck attachment points front and rear.
  • Additional ribs on the lower deck minimize flex. Adjustable suspension mounts are employed.
  • Rear universal shafts use 43mm swing shafts, TRF420 wheel axles and low friction cross joints.
  • Toe control rear suspension helps match toe angle with compressed suspension.
  • Rear body mounts are attached on a carbon fiber plate and aluminum mounts to keep that body from wobbling.

Tamiya Colors required

Hop-Up Options and other parts included in this kit

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Information is current as of November 22, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.