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Item No:54993

Hop-Up Options No.1993


★These dampers employ precision aluminum cylinders with a low-friction internal coating. ★Fluorine resin pistons further contribute to the smooth motion with mimimal loss. ★Also included are cylinder caps, spring retainers allowing adjustment of spring position, knurled O-ring caps and more. ★Parts are included to make two each of front and rear dampers (total: four).
  • ★This image shows an example of attachment to the Neo Scorcher, which runs on the TT-02B chassis*1.
  • ★This image shows an example of attachment to the Dark Impact buggy, which is based on the DF-03 chassis.
  • ★Knurled O-ring cap and spring retainer components help save potential mishaps in the pits.

Information is current as of February 2, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.