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Item No:55105

Batteries & Chargers No.105


This is a high performance Lithium-ion battery pack designed for R/C model use. It features a large-capacity high-power output and has superior safety characteristics making it compatible for quick charging. Minimal self-discharging and reduced memory effects enables a long-lasting battery life, allowing approximately 1000 recharging cycles. Furthermore, use of a discharger to recondition the battery is not required. DEANS connector enables a large amount of current flow whilst ensuring a secure attachment. A connection adaptor is included for use with Tamiya speed controllers (ESC). In addition, the balance connector allows a balanced charging for reconditioning of each individual cell. The compact design features the best fit for the Buggy Champ (2009). Dimensions: 70x38x20mm, Weight: Approximately 100g.

Information is current as of July 2, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.