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Item No:58372

All Electric R/C Car Series No.372


Length: 492 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Unbeatable R/C Realism
One of the most popular pick-up trucks in America, the Ford F-350, is the latest addition to Tamiya's extensive lineup of electric radio control cars. Tamiya spared no expense in developing this truck to be the most realistic ever, with a ladder frame chassis and 4WD system just like the actual truck. The 3-speed transmission provides lots of enjoyable driving options and a plethora of metal parts such as the front guard, leaf springs, and aluminum friction dampers make for a very interesting assembly kit. The large diameter tires provide impressive ground clearance and enhances the realistic resin body's muscular look. Metal-plated parts for the roll bar, front grill, road lights, front/rear bumpers, and muffler provide extra detail highlights throughout the model as well.

●Length: 492mm, Width: 216mm, Height: 220mm, Weight: Approx. 3.1kg ●Motor: Type RS540 ●Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD ●Diff. Gear: Front/Rear 2-bevel Diff. ●Suspension: Fron/Rear Leaf Rigid ●Dampers: Front/Rear Friction Dampers ●Gear Ratios: 1:64.39 (Low), 1:35.20 (2nd), 1:21.14 (Top) ●Speed Controller: ESC
  • ■Rear Styling
    Highly accurate injection-molded resin body features lots of metal-plated parts such as the removeable muffler.
  • ■Metal Leaf Springs
    Realistic leaf springs are made from 5 individual panels and can be easily adjusted after assembly.
  • ■4-Wheel Steering
    By changing the rear axle tension rod, you can create a unique 4-wheel steering system to enhance the performance of the High-Lift.
  • ■Friction Dampers
    Colorful red aluminum cylinders provide an eye-catching chassis highlight and different types of grease can be used to customize the suspension.
  • ■Changing Batteries
    With the quick-release battery holder, you can quickly swap batteries without removing the body.
  • ■Assembly 3-Speed Transmission
    3-speed transmission provides excellent low speed performance and realistic gear changes. A slipper clutch protects the gears from shocks to ensure smooth operation.
  • ■Differential
    Differential features tough metal diff gears and can be locked to provide awesome off-road ability.
  • ■Block Tires
    Massive 94mm diameter tires feature a block tread pattern for great traction on any surface.
  • ■Chassis Under-panel
    Aluminum under-panel protects the vital electronics and mechanisms of the car.
  • ■Parts
    Impressive array of parts lets you feel like a Ford factory staff as you assemble your kit.
  • ■Custom Markings
    Paint the F-350 High-Lift in your own custom paint scheme, then add separately available Item 53887 Marking Sticker (Dragon) for a beautiful finish.

Information is current as of September 27, 2006. Specifications are subject to change without notice.