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Item No:58415

All Electric R/C Car Series No.415


Length: 500 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Customizable Scale Realism
The Tundra is a full-size pick-up truck made by Toyota for the North American market. In 2007, the Tundra underwent a model change, and this is a 1/10 R/C assembly kit of the double cab version of this second generation Tundra. The model features a ladder frame chassis just like the actual truck, and is also equipped with a 3-speed transmission and shaft-driven 4WD system. Many metal parts such as the ladder frame, leaf springs, and friction dampers provide a unique assembly experience while the injection-molded body shell and large diameter tires accurately reproduce the high-lift's imposing appearance. Futhermore, parts such as a roll bar, grille guard, and roof carrier with 2 snowboards are included to let you customize your ride. Add separately available LED lights for an even higher level of realism.

●Length: 500mm, Width: 216mm, Height: 238mm, Weight: Approx. 3.1kg. ●Motor: Type RS540 ●Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD ●Diff. Gear: Front/Rear 2-bevel Diff. ●Suspension: Fron/Rear Leaf Rigid ●Dampers: Front/Rear Friction Dampers ●Gear Ratios: 1:64.39 (Low), 1:35.20 (2nd), 1:21.14 (Top) ●Speed Controller: ESC
  • Grille guard with fog lights and aluminum skid plate give the model a heavy-duty look.
  • Separately available LEDs can be installed in the metal-plated roll bar light positions.
  • Side mirrors are made from a soft and durable resin material. Two-piece mirror surfaces are just like the actual truck.
  • 6-spoke beadlock wheels are of a massive 94mm diameter.
  • Both front and rear differential covers are metal-plated for an additional aesthetic touch.
  • Metal exhaust tips protrude from beneath the rear bumper. Separately available LEDs for turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights can be installed.
  • Differential features tough metal diff gears and can be locked to provide awesome off-road ability.
  • 3-speed transmission provides excellent low speed performance and realistic gear changes. A slipper clutch protects the gears from shocks to ensure smooth operation.
  • In addition to the standard type grille, a billet type grille is also included to give the truck a purposeful look.
  • Roof marker lights enhances the character of the truck and can also be fitted with separately available LEDs.
  • The roof carrier can hold two snowboards for a fun image.
  • Choose from several colorful stickers that are provided for the snowboards.
  • Install the Multi-Function Unit MFC-02 (sold separately) and additional LEDs for realistic light and sound effects.

Information is current as of October 20, 2008. Specifications are subject to change without notice.