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Item No:58496

All Electric R/C Car Series No.496


Length: 430mm. Image shows painted and assembled model.

The Fast Attack Vehicle was an R/C buggy that reproduced the look of a type of special military vehicle. This re-released version features improvements to meet the modern R/C standard while maintains the same basic chassis design as the original 1984 model. It also features a realistic body, roll cage, and a driver figure as well as equipment such as machine gun, which can all be finished with plastic model paints. In addition, the black/white/olive drab camouflage pattern can be easily depicted with kit-included stickers. Semi-pneumatic grooved front and rear tires with block-pattern tread offer superb traction on off-road surfaces.

Low & Tough Chassis
Durable lightweight ABS frame is matched with a battery case which is compatible with modern power sources such as Tamiya Racing Packs and LF batteries. 4-wheel independent suspension consists of coil springs and trailing arms, featuring 186mm-wide tread to ensure excellent off-road stability. Enclosed gearbox protects differential gears from dirt and debris and enables smooth cornering. In addition, driveshafts feature dogbone-type joints and dust covers to enhance durability.

●Length: 430mm ●Height: 150mm ●Width: 220mm ●Weight: 1,200g (excluding R/C equipment, battery, etc.) ●Wheelbase: 255mm ●Tread (F/R): 186mm ●Tire Width/Diameter: 19/74mm (Front), 35/83mm (Rear)  ●ABS Resin Bathtub Chassis ●Rear-Wheel Drive ●3-Bevel Differential Gears ●F/R Trailing Arm Suspension ●F/R Friction Dampers ●Gear Ratio=1:7.54 or 1:9.05 ●Requires Electronic Speed Controller (separately available) ●Type 540 Motor included

Information is current as of July 13, 2011. Specifications are subject to change without notice.