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Item No:58726

Electric R/C Car Series No.726


Length: 368mm. Image shows assembled kit.
*Body, motor, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger are sold separately.

On-Road Oriented Rally Chassis!
This 4WD touring chassis assembly kit features a front midship motor and transmits power from the spur gear in the center via identical length front and rear propeller shafts, and is ideally setup for on-road running. 39T differential gears front and rear, and one setup option 40T differential gear are included, facilitating changes to drive balance. It features optimum balance and a slim chassis with carbon fiber-reinforced rigid lower deck. The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension has dedicated aluminum-cylinder oil dampers.

Featured Components
Drivetrain: Full ball bearings, front and rear aluminum propeller shafts, front and rear oil-filled gear differentials (2x 39T and 1x 40T gears included), front and rear universal drive shafts
Suspension: Front and rear aluminum oil dampers (blue caps, touring car size), 6-degree caster blocks, turnbuckle upper arms, 3.5mm thickness carbon damper stays
Chassis: Carbon fiber-reinforced lower deck, aluminum servo mount, angled front bumper, hi-torque servo saver

★Length: 368mm, width: 180mm ★Wheelbase: 257mm ★Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic bathtub frame ★Front midship motor, shaft-driven 4WD ★Front & rear oil-filled gear differentials ★3-piece steering tie-rod ★4-wheel double wishbone suspension ★Aluminum cylinder oil dampers (blue caps, touring car size) ★Gear ratio = 7.00:1 using kit 26T pinion (14 ratios between 10.71:1 and 6.28:1 are possible with separately sold pinions) ★Electronic speed controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★Body ★Type 540 motor ★2-channel R/C system w/ESC & low-profile servo ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger
  • ★The chassis employs an aluminum servo mount and hi-torque servo saver. Turnbuckle rods allow swift steering adjustment.
  • ★The double wishbone front suspension features 6-degree caster blocks.
  • ★High performance aluminum cylinder dampers are touring car size, with 30.5mm piston rods. The damper stay is 3.5mm thickness carbon fiber.
  • ★Identical length propeller shafts transmit power from the central spur gear to the front and rear.
  • ★Sealed front and rear gearboxes house oil filled gear differentials.
  • ★Upper arm attachment in the double wishbone rear suspension can be altered by the use of spacers from separately sold Item 53539.
  • ★Rear aluminum cylinder oil dampers are also touring car size.
  • ★The battery pack sits on its side, allowing a narrower chassis. Access it by opening the levers front and rear, as shown here.
  • ★Take a closer look at the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic lower deck.
  • ★The chassis' flat underside and angled bumper help it negotiate bumpy surfaces.
  • ★White fin spoke wheels are paired with racing semi-slick tires.
  • ★This chassis has a seriously low center of gravity!

Information is current as of August 4, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.