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Item No:58737

All Electric R/C Car Series No.737

1/10 R/C HOTSHOT II (2024)

Pre-painted body
Length: 390mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body and rear wing are pre-painted and cut.

This R/C model assembly kit is a re-released and updated version of the 4WD buggy Hotshot II, the original of which was first released in 1987. The sleek, smart body and rear wing are polycarbonate and pre-painted black, as well as being pre-cut. Stickers are included to apply racy orange and yellow markings.

Durable 4WD Buggy Chassis
The Hotshot II has a shaft-driven 4WD chassis with sealed gearboxes front and rear to keep out dirt and sand; each has a differential inside for smooth cornering, while the underside of the model is protected by the underguard. Its 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs three CVA oil dampers - one at the front and two at the rear, with a front stabilizer helping to get the most out of the 4-wheel drive. White dish design wheels are paired with semi-pneumatic oval block tires for exemplary grip on tough off-road surfaces.

★Length: 390mm width: 235mm, height: 160mm ★Wheelbase: 265mm ★Tire width/diameter: 31/88mm (front); 38/88mm (rear) ★Tread: 205mm (front); 200mm (rear) ★ABS monocoque frame ★Shaft-driven 4WD ★3-bevel differential gears ★2-piece steering tie-rod ★4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension ★CVA oil dampers ★Selectable gear ratio = 10.04:1, 8.70:1, 8.16:1, 7.68:1 ★Type 540 motor ★Electronic speed controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger

  • The Hotshot II wedge body design is a classic!

  • Red front upright parts really catch the eye.
  • The front monoshock suspension uses a single CVA oil damper, which artfully keeps chassis roll in check.
  • The metal roof has an integrated air intake, while a driver figure is included to use in the cockpit.
  • The rear uses H-shaped arms top and bottom. Dog bone drive shafts are a reliable design.
  • Each rear wheel has a CVA oil damper, which help the Hotshot II pick its way across challenging off-road surfaces.

  • Dish wheels are of a different width front and rear, each with its own size of oval block tire.
  • Like the body, the rear wing is pre-painted black polycarbonate, pre-cut for your convenience!

Information is current as of February 16, 2024. Specifications are subject to change without notice.