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Item No:60326

1/32 Aircraft Series No.26


Length: 515.5mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

Behold the Wooden Wonder in Stunning 1/32!
Drawn up as a high speed, unarmed bomber, the twin engine De Havilland Mosquito fulfilled that role and so many more for the RAF and other Allied air forces during WWII, taking advantage of performance so astonishing it earned the aircraft its nickname: Wooden Wonder. (That, and the fact it was made largely of wood, in contrast to most of its contemporaries.) The FB Mk.VI fighter-bomber variant, which first appeared in the skies in Spring 1943, packed a punch with four 7.7mm nose-mounted machine guns and four powerful 20mm auto-cannons, plus the ability to carry four 500lb bombs. With around 2,700 produced it was the most prolifically manufactured Mosquito variant, and this high performance, multi-role aircraft was relied on to attack sensitive enemy targets such as SS facilities, V1 flying bomb sites, and munitions factories, taking advantage of its precision low-altitude bombing skills.
About the Model
This is a 1/32 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 394.5mm, wingspan: 515.5mm. ★The graceful, elegant lines of the Mosquito FB Mk.VI are captured with stunning accuracy. ★Rivets are expertly depicted on parts such as engine cowlings and ailerons. ★Flaps and elevators can be assembled in neutral or down positions. ★Choose between standard exhausts or those fitted with flame damper covers, plus standard or tropical filter engine cowling undersides. ★Two different types of propeller blade parts are included. ★Fit wing undersurfaces with 500lb bombs or drop tanks.
  • ★The smooth and elegant lines of the main wing and fuselage - so characteristic of a wooden aircraft - are depicted with aplomb.
  • ★Fuselage undersurface doors can be assembled open, closed or a combination. Parts inside accurately recreate 20mm auto-cannons and 500lb bombs.
  • ★Detailed cockpit features staggered seats and radio equipment. Note 7.7mm machine gun ammunition belts.
  • ★Also included in the kit is a seated navigator figure studying a map, who can be installed alongside his pilot.
  • ★This image shows the model with exhaust flame damper cover, tropical filter engine cowling and paddle blade propeller.
  • ★Merlin 25 engines feature one-stage, two-speed supercharger parts. The connection of supercharger and landing gear support mirrors the real Mosquito.
  • ★Merlin 25 engines feature one-stage, two-speed supercharger parts. The connection of supercharger and landing gear support mirrors the real Mosquito.
  • ★Choose whether to equip main wing undersurfaces with 500lb bombs or 50gal drop tanks, each accurately
  • ★A choice of flat (left) or curved (right) parts is available to depict the glass panel on the right side of the canopy.
  • ★Magnets are used to affix engine cowlings to the model, making them removable after construction, as are the nose cover and spinners.
  • ★An included photo-etched parts fret has pieces to recreate fine components like seatbelt parts and radiator cores.
  • ★Choose between three striking marking options. The kit also includes masking stickers for the canopy.
  • ★A full color diagram is included for use when painting the complex camouflage patterns onto the model.
  • ★Study up on the history of the Mosquito, with this full-color 12-page guide including detail pictures.
  • ★Marvel at the incredible realism of the figures, which include a navigator scaling the ladder to the cockpit.

Information is current as of August 25, 2015. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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