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Item No:70196

Educational Construction Series (Craft) No.196


This 1mm thick foam board features a very smooth surface and can be easily cut, glued, and painted. It can be used to give models additional flotation in the water and its lightness makes it great for aircraft models. Use Tamiya Craft Bond to attach. Dimensions; 257×364mm, Thickness: 1mm.

Foam Board Usage Examples
Below are a few examples of what you can create with 1mm or 2mm thick foam boards.

■Building Blocks
The examples above were all assembled from the same square-shaped pieces. By changing how they are glued together and how they are assembled, you can create a variety of different shapes.

■House & Boat
1mm and 2mm foam boards can also be used to construct model buildings, and the windows, doors, etc. can be depicted with various thicknesses to make them stand out. The boat model makes use of the foam board's water-resistant and buoyancy characteristics. By scoring the board and slowly rolling it up, cylindrical shapes are also possible.

The petals are essentially triangle shapes which are glued to the base board at an angle to create the 3-dimensional appearance. The petals become larger as the flower's spiral expands outward. Stems and leaves are then simply drawn in, and the addition of paint can result in an even more brilliant finish.

■Woodblock-Style Drawings
After drawing your desired shapes with a ballpoint pen or other similar writing utensil, enamel paint is applied. Thinning the paint will give a watercolor-like appearance. Before the paint fully dries, use cloth, tissue, etc. to adjust the color tones as you like.