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Item No:70236

Educational Construction Series (Parts) No.236


★This handy set includes two types of curved universal arms - use them to add another dimension to your creations! ★Parts are molded in 10mm-width, 3.5mm-thickness plastic with 3mm holes at intervals of 5mm making them compatible with separately sold universal plates and arms. ★Arms can be cut using standard modeling tools such as a knife or side cutters. ★Contains four each of both types of curved arm, plus screws, spacers, nuts and other components used in construction.
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  • ★This image illustrates the difference between the two included types of curved arm. Flexibility is the watchword for this set!
  • ★Curved arms will make it much easier to construct creations such as wheels, tunnels and arches such as those shown here.
  • ★Why not let your creativity run wild, like we did in the construction of this four-legged robot with curved feet!

Information is current as of January 7, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.