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Item No:70248

Educational Construction Series (Sets) No.248


Height: 148mm. Image shows assembled kit.

About the Model
This assembly kit creates the Roller Skating Robot, a cool customer which moves forward by the opening and closing its legs in a swizzle motion, facilitated by stoppers on the casters that help convert the legs' sideward motion into forward power for the Robot. Each skate has a rudder on the rear that lets you alter the direction the Robot skates in, and it can even be run along components such as Tamiya universal arms, used like rails. Body parts are molded in white and have a simple, cute design complete with face, and an optional blue body part is included - use it if you want to check out how the Robot works as it moves!
●Length: 127mm, maximum width: 150mm, maximum height: 145mm. ●Motor included ●Includes everything required for snap-fit, screw-together assembly.
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  • ★What does a "swizzle" motion look like? Take a look here!
  • ★Comes with a Type 130 motor. Please note that one separately sold R6/AA/UM3 battery is required.
  • ★Clear blue parts are included to allow a closer look at the internal workings.
  • ★Take a closer look at the caster setup and how the rudder helps to add turn.
  • ★Why not let your creativity run wild and give the Robot some customizations?

Information is current as of February 15, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.