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Item No:70251

Educational Construction Series (Sets) No.251


Length: 193mm. Image shows assembled kit.

Elastic Power!
This assembly kit creates the Rubber Band Powered Trike which is propelled by a rubber band. Push in the push rod to tauten rubber band and release it to propel the trike forward by power supplied via the one-way clutch. Change front wheel directions to make the model turn right and left, and move shift lever to choose from two types of gears - "power" for a faster run and "stamina" for a longer run. *The image above has been edited for explanation purposes (gearbox parts are all clear orange).
★Length; 193mm, width: 94mm, height: 72mm (dimensions are approximate) ★Snap-fit/screw-together assembly Separately Required Items
★Side cutters ★ (+) screwdriver
  • ★See the model in action!
  • ★This image shows how the rubber band(s) power the model.
  • ★The one-way clutch transmits power from the shrinking rubber band to the wheels.
  • ★Change front wheel direction to steer the model.
  • ★Switch between "power" (1) and "stamina" (2) setups as you desire.

Information is current as of October 4, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.