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Item No:70257

Educational Construction Series (Sets) No.257


Length: 157mm.

Quacking Fun!
This assembly kit creates a cute Duck equally at home on land and water. It features a central Submarine Motor Mini that powers crank plates via a gearbox, and the feet on those plates do the walking and paddling. Plates are connected to the neck via link rods, which convert the rotation of the plate into reciprocating motion, the head bobbing forwards and back. The roller and sponge float at the back of the model can be repositioned to apply a turn to your Duck. This model includes all the parts needed for simple snap-fit and screw-together assembly.

About the Model
★Length: 157mm, width: 83mm, height: 107mm (all measurements are approximate) ★A Submarine Motor Mini is included. ★The model features water resistant stickers for the beak and eyes. *Always dry off the model thoroughly and remove batteries after use!

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  • ★This gif shows the internal workings, and how a single motor provides two types of motion.
  • ★On land, the Duck waddles along with its head bobbing, just like the real thing.
  • ★Meanwhile, it glides effortlessly along on the water.
  • ★Changing roller and float angle lets you apply turns to its motion.
  • ★Water resistant stickers are used for the beak and eyes.

Information is current as of August 2, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.