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Item No:71113

Robocraft Series No.13


Match up with friends and family!
The Boxing Fighter now comes as a set of two. The boxing fighter features a twin motor gear box enabling this little boxer to punch while moving backwards, forwards or turning to the left or right. The Boxing Fighter is also equipped with a judging plate that will allow you to decide who the winner of the fight is. The plate will lower each time you hit your opponent's mouth. When your opponent's plate is completely lowered, you win the fight. You can also adjust the level of each fighter, making it easier or harder for your fighter to be knocked down by fitting one or two stays to the bottom rear of the fighter. Assembly is very simple with use of screws and snap-lock parts. Packaging specially designed to be used as a ring, with a boxing ring printed on the inside.

Specifications (for one Boxing Fighter)
★Length: 141mm (arm extended), 87mm (arm retracted) ★Width: 92mm ★Height: 144mm ★Weight: 160g (without remote control) ★Body material: ABS resin ★Gearbox, motor, remote-control also included. ★Screwdriver for assembly is provided. ★Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately) for each Boxing Fighter.

How to play
Hitting your opponent in the mouth will make the judging plate lower. When your opponent's plate is completely lowered, you win the fight.
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