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Item No:71114

Robocraft Series No.14


Swinging Tail Fin For Smooth Swimming
The latest release in the Robocraft Series is our first water based Robocraft, the Mechanical Blowfish. Using a crank and linkage rod system this robo-fish propels itself through the water by its swinging tail fin. White under-belly holds the motor, gearbox, battery box and switch and is sealed water-proof tight. Parts are easily put together by snap-lock pieces or screws, and transparent green back means you can see all the mechanics even after completion.

★Length: 197mm ★Height: 81mm ★Body material: ABS resin ★Gearbox and motor included ★Tape and rubber o-rings used to water proof body ★Screwdriver included ★Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery (sold separately)

How to Play
To be used in still water with no waves. Simply place in water and watch it swim!
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