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Item No:71125

Robocraft Series No.25


Length: 184mm. Image shows assembled model.

Relaxed Swimming Action
This fish robot swings its tail from side to side while swimming along. The main body stays underwater while the dorsal fin protrudes when it swims. The Submarine Motor Mini and Underwater Gearbox move the tail via a crank and linkage rod mechanism. The main body, fins, and foam float are all conveniently included in this easy to assemble set. Tamiya and mechanical fish logos as well as two kinds of eye stickers are included.

Enjoy the Action!
The fish robot can swim not only in straight lines but also in circles by changing the angle of the tail fin. To change the angle, simply lift the tail fin then reposition to the right (clockwise swimming) or left (counter clockwise swimming). Slightly or greatly adjust the tail fin angle for the fish to swim in large or small circles. Furthermore, the swimming posture of the fish can also be adjusted by changing pectoral fin position.

●Length: 184mm ●Height: 120mm ●Body: Polypropylene ●Includes Underwater Gearbox Set ●Submarine Motor Mini (High-Speed Type) has two O-rings to prevent water from coming into the motor case. ●Requires one R03/AAA/UM4 battery (sold separately). How to play
Float the model on a calm water surface.
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