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Item No:71201

Programming Construction Series No.1


Length: 136mm (approx.). Image shows assembled kit.

Microcomputer-Controlled Fun
This assembly kit creates a crawler robot that runs using a BBC micro:bit microcomputer, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver circuit. When the ultrasonic sensor identifies an obstacle ahead, it transmits that information to the BBC micro:bit, which uses a pre-installed program to give the motors commands to avoid the obstacle. Separately sold parts can be used to control the robot remotely, and the BBC micro:bit can be coded with original programs via computer, too.

A Great Intro to Coding!
The included BBC micro:bit has a program pre-installed, meaning you can play with the robot once you have assembled it and got your batteries. With the use of a computer, the BBC micro:bit can additionally be coded to perform a range of actions defined by you - the free online MakeCode editor is a great tool for doing so! It uses intuitive visual programming, where you combine different individual commands in blocks to achieve your final program. For those who wish to, a second BBC micro:bit (sold separately) can be used as a remote controller.
*micro:bit is a registered trademark of Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

★Length: 136mm, width: 128mm, height: 116mm (dimensions are approximate) ★Two Type 130 motors included. ★No cement required for assembly.

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries x2

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  • ★A pair of Type 130 motors are used to power the model, in a transparent twin gearbox. Soft plastic crawler tracks are assembly type.
  • ★The BBC micro:bit circuit board measures around 4x5cm. It features a directional sensor, wireless transmission and more.
  • ★This kit includes all the necessary hardware to get started - BBC micro:bit, Motor Driver Circuit (mi-01) and Ultrasonic Sensor (mi-02).
  • ★A base program comes pre-installed on the BBC micro:bit, which has the robot turn to avoid obstacles which hinder its path.
  • ★A second BBC micro:bit (sold separately) can be used as a remote controller, a whole different way to play with this robot.
  • ★A computer with internet connection, plus a micro USB cable are required if you want to try coding your BBC micro:bit.
  • MakeCode editoris a free online resource which lets you write code for the BBC micro:bit using visual programming.

Information is current as of November 25, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.