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Item No:74154

Drills, Punches & Engraving Tools No.154


★This template is designed for use with separately sold Item 74148 Fine Engraving Needle 20°, engraving fine detail on your models. ★Rounded rectangle details are often seen on aircraft. ★Features sixty different sizes from 1mm x 1.5mm at the smallest to 6mm x 12mm at the largest. ★Manufactured in 0.1mm thickness stainless steel, the template can be bent to fit when detailing on curved surfaces.

使用例:74150 モデリングテンプレート(円 1〜12.5mm)

  • Use in conjunection with the Fine Engraving Needle to add or emphasize panel lines and other details!
  • Made from flexible material, the template can be bent to fit curved target sections.

Information is current as of October 4, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.