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Item No:74157

Side Cutters & Modeling Knives No.157


These scissors have a tweezer grip so they cut when it is pushed together, helping keep your hands away from the target area and making them ideal for precision jobs such as the cutting out of Mini 4WD model bodies, as well as snipping off decals, stickers and even masking stickers. Their stainless steel blades give a consistent, long lasting freshness of cut, and the handle features a printed black Tamiya twin star logo. A safety cap is included.

●Total length: 115mm ●Blade length: 12mm ●Material: Stainless steel

Appropriate subject materials
●ポリカーボネート (PC) ・・・0.4mm ●プラバン (ポリスチレン、PS) ・・・0.5mm ●透明プラバン (ポリスチレン、PS) ・・・0.4mm ●紙、デカール、ステッカー・・・0.5mm

Materials not to be cut
●Metal ●Carbon fiber & FRP plate ●Carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic ●Sandpaper

Information is current as of September 2, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.