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Item No:75026

Elecraft Series No.26


Mini Size Means Big Possibilities
This compact motor has a maximum width of 15.5mm, length (including shaft) of 27mm, and a shaft diameter of 1.5mm, making it ideal for applications where size is a limitation. It can also serve as a spare motor for the Submarine Motor Mini. Set includes double-sided tape, rubber tube, and an 8T pinion gear.

★Includes carbon brush and varistor. ★Size: 18.7×15.5mm ★Weight: 11g ★Optimum Voltage: 3.0V ★Optimum Load: 0.59mN・m (6gf・cm) ★RPM at Optimum Voltage/Load: 8250r/min ★Current Consumption at Optimum Voltage/Load: 280mA