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Item No:76503

Solar Miniature Series No.3


Length: 115mm. Image shows assembled item.)

Palm-Sized Solar Powered Car This is an assembly kit of the Toyota Rara 10 which made its debut in 1992 at the Solar Rally in Noto. This solar-powered machine exhibited perfect driving, superb chassis, and excellent teamwork. Equipped above the cockpit are the distinctive red side mirrors. The bright livery of the Rara can be easily reproduced with the included stickers. Special small-sized solar battery and motor have been pre-assembled and assembly of the body can be quickly done by snapping parts together and securing with a screw. By changing the direction of the rear wheel, you are able to drive in circles.

Specifications Length: 115mm, Width: 40mm. 0.5V-300mAh solar battery and solar motor included.
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