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Using Diorama Texture Paint with Other Tamiya Paints

・Make sure the previous coat of paint has completely dried before applying another coat over it.
・To ensure the correct effect, test paints on scrap material etc. before applying them to your model.

Applying a coat of other types of paints over Diorama Texture Paints

Tamiya Enamel Paints Ideal for top coat. Enamel paints do not affect Diorama Texture Paints even if applied thickly, therefore dry brushing and washing are possible.
Tamiya Acrylic Paints Top coat is possible. Do not apply thickly or strongly when applying with a brush. Dry brushing is possible but not appropriate for washing.
Tamiya Spray Paints Applying thin layers of top coat is possible. Do not apply thickly and paint a thin layer 2-3 times.

Applying a base coat of other type of paints before applying Diorama Texture Paints

Tamiya Spray and Acrylic Paints Ideal for base coat.
Tamiya Enamel Paints It is possible to use as a base coat, but adhesion to Diorama Texture paints will be lowered.

Mixing other types of paints with Diorama Texture Paints

Tamiya Acrylic Paints Color adjustment is possible by mixing Diorama Texture Paint with acrylic paints. Do not mix with too much acrylic paint as it will change the paint texture.